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The Missouri Grocers Association

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American Coupon Services provides the following services:

  • Members will receive 100% face value plus premium handling fee per coupon
  • No minimum amounts or fees on coupon shipments
  • An online database where members can access and track their submissions, see payment dates and view their chargeback history
  • No need to sort and count your coupons
  • Payment for coupons in 35 days from the date the coupons are received at the processing facility
  • ACH allows quicker payments to retailer
  • No long-term contract
  • Members receive email notifications for counterfeit coupon alerts
  • Superior customer service
  • Specializes in vendor and manufacturer relations
  • Exclusive chargeback identification and recovery program
  • Members receive email notifications for receipt of coupon shipments
  • Seamless redemption for digital, paperless and paper coupons

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